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True Life Story of a woman caught cheating her husband

A married couple work in different
cities, he works in Abuja, she in
Lagos, he goes home every
weekend. Both have facebook
accounts.The wife has vowed
never to date anybody on face
book,moreso that she is happily
married. She even gave her hubby
the impression that she does not
go there frequently like others do.
One day while bored at work he
playfully creates a facebook
account with a fake pix, he sends
his wife a request & she adds him.
They chat regularly over 1 month,
she finds him very exciting & is
always looking forward to chatting
with him, she began to hate
weekends cos he was never
available to chat. they chatted
about everything, recently their
chats became very sexually explicit,
she got turned on by d things he
asked her to do, then one day he
asks her to send a pix of her
private part, she excitedly does
that without hesitation , he then
asks her to take other pix of her
body parts & she did & sent all to
The husband called her that she
would not be coming down to
Lagos for that weekend because of
a seminar in Abuja.When asked
about her itinerary,she told her
hubby that she will be home for
the weekend with the kids.
Both face book lovers then arrange
to meet in Nicon hotel Abj Rm 101
but unfortunately 4 her,she came
and saw her husband.
If u are the husband what will u
do? Please, be sincere..

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One comment on “True Life Story of a woman caught cheating her husband

  1. I’d send her packing,no two ways about that.

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